Are you finally ready to start that book or blog?


Are you one of those people who used to write, whether it is in your journal or short stories or poems, and you dreamed of having your stories out in the world but then things got in the way? You worked too many hours, you got married, you had children (there goes your life) and you had to put YOU on the “someday” list.

Or, are you an entrepreneur and you know you need to write a book, e-book or blog to differentiate yourself from the competition and be the expert in your niche but you just don’t know how to get started?

Darlene and her team can help you write your book or start your blog, determine the best publishing route for you and give you proven, low-cost marketing strategies to get that book into the hands of those who need to read it.

We Can Help You:

WRITE, including:

  • finding your voice and your message
  • turning your stories and/or expertise into a book
  • mapping out the time to write without feeling overwhelmed or sacrificing your life
  • overcoming your blocks
  • proven techniques to speed up the writing process

…so that you can write a book in as little as 90 days!

PUBLISH, by providing:

  • the pros and cons of traditional vs. self publishing
  • the pros and cons of e-books vs. printed books
  • comprehensive resources for each

PROMOTE by building your platform using:

  • basic book marketing principles
  • using social media to build your tribe
  • using partnerships to boost sales

There are many ways you can get the help you need. Whether it is one-one-one coaching with Darlene, joining a workshop or retreat or getting exceptional writing tools that will decrease the work and time you need to finish your project, we have a proven system to get the job done!

For a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation… 

You can experience your coaching by phone, instant messaging, Skype, or, if you live nearby, in person.

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