Sit and Stay

Sit and Stay

People ask me all the time how do you write a book. I always answer with three simple words.

Sit and stay.

It is the hardest thing to do.


Because as soon as it is time to sit down and write you will:

  • Remember the laundry needs to be switched over.
  • Get a call from your sister.
  • Have to break up a fight between your kids.
  • Feel the need to check your email first.
  • Need to research cars of the 1950’s before beginning.
  • Find your body will defy gravity and refuse to stay in the chair.
  • Battle your mind as it lists all the reasons why you are crazy to think you will ever write a book.

This will all happen. And what do you need to do?

Sit and stay.

I wrote my first book at a time when I was building a business, had three kids in travel sports, wanted to remain happily married and was always amazed at how many dirty clothes there were left after doing laundry all day.

How did I write a book and do all of that?

At 9 pm I would sit and I would stay there until 11 pm EVERY SINGLE NIGHT FOR A YEAR!

I missed all of the best TV shows (this was pre-PVR’s). I didn’t go to the show. I didn’t have a glass of wine with my husband. Monday to Friday at 9 PM my family knew that unless someone needed to go to the hospital, I was not to be disturbed.

I would go into my office, close the door and sit. And, I would stay. Even if I could not come up with one word, I did not get up, even to go to the bathroom, until 11 pm.


Because this trained my body and my mind to write at that time.

Have you ever got up at the same time every morning and then on Saturday you wanted to sleep in but, no, you can’t sleep in because your body is trained to wake up at 6:30 am. It is the same thing with writing.

Set a routine. Sit and Stay.

It will only be a matter of time before you have a book.

I promise.

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