Fastest Way to Write – Part 1

questions your readers need answered

The number one challenge writer’s face is time.

I really want to write a book, but with Johnny in hockey and Sarah in dance, work being crazy and my parents always wanting to drop in, how am I going to write a book?

Sound familiar?

My first book took me a year to write, my second book five months and my third book was written in sixty days.

I attribute that huge difference in time to one thing.

Before I started my third book I wrote down every question I could think of on the topic. I was writing about the perception shift so I wrote things like, how did it work, what is my best story of transformation, what categories in life does it apply to, what do you need for it, who can use it, etc. I just wrote and wrote until I couldn’t think of anything more.

Then I took those questions and grouped them into categories like work, significant others, yourself, your day, the world, your kids or whatever else it would fall under. Then, I took the common questions and re-wrote them under each category. This was my book outline. In a few hours I had my outline done, chapters listed and a list of what to write about.

Then, I answered questions.

Do you know how easy it is to answer questions?

I had the first draft done in thirty days. It took me another thirty to clean it up. I worked two hours a day. Book is done.

Want to write fast?

Ask the questions.

If it is a fictional book, ask where when, why, how, with whom and things like how did it taste, smell, sound, feel, etc. It will be amazing how quickly you can write when you are answering questions.

If it is non-fiction, ask all the questions your target audience or clients would ask and then answer them.

You know all the answers.

All you have to do is write them down.

Before you know it, you have a book.

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