The Best Way to Better Writing

Want to Be a Better Writer?


I bet you thought I was going to say write!

It is true that putting in the time to practice writing is important. If you read good writing, even better, some great writing, you will also become a better writer.

No matter what you wanted to be when you were a kid, I would bet you watched someone who was good at it and tried to imitate what they did.

Want-to-be models watched Tyra Banks or today maybe Kylie Jenner or Gigi Hadid and practiced their walk. Baseball lovers may have watched A-Rod and practiced his stance at home plate. Martha Stewart fans learned how to use a glue gun and create magic by watching her.

Writing is the same thing.

Read the best. Read the worst. Read everything in between.

Find out what you like and don’t. Discover what kind of phrases move you. Do you prefer writing straight up or with lots of flavor?

As you read, you are building up muscle for your own writing. You are being inspired to be better.

Just as you learn music notes to play a song, reading allows you to learn new notes to incorporate into your song.

Now let me caution you here. This is not copying and pasting something you read and loved into your work. This is learning a new rhythm, a technique to bring a character to life by describing what he hears, or a recognition of a strong writing voice that inspires you to let yours be heard.

That is what reading does.

If you want to write better, read and see how your talent grows.


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