The Top Three Times to Post Your Blog to Social Media

Best time to post a blog

Do you know when your readers are online?

I have talked to dozens of bloggers who cannot answer that question.


They really don’t know who their readers are or when they are most likely to be online.

Take a little time and determine who they are and then think about what their lifestyle is like. If you understand when they are online, you know when to post your blog and can heighten your chances of being read.

My readers are entrepreneurs which means that during the day, they may or may not have time to go online. But, when they first wake up, they are checking their phones. In fact, most people who own a cell phone check their social media upon waking…some even before being fully awake. Therefore, one of the top three times to post your blog is early morning.

Have you ever been to a conference and at the lunch break see everyone grab their phones or tablets? They are all dying to know what they missed since the last break. Whether they are students, parents at home, employees in the corporate world or self-employed, most people check-in at lunch because it is a natural break in the day. Don’t you grab your phone at lunch? Take advantage of this natural break and get your blog out there in the world to be shared with a burrito or salad.

Now, here is where knowing your audience really comes in to play. Most people do a last check-in before going to bed. An online survey which polled 2,000 British adults found that “half of those polled – exactly 50% – admit the last thing they put down before finally turning out the light is a computer or smartphone.” The National Sleep Foundation reports that “Americans report very active technology use in the hour before trying to sleep. Almost everyone surveyed, 95%, uses some type of electronics like a television, computer, video game or cell phone at least a few nights a week within the hour before bed.”

If you know when your readers tend to go to sleep, you can post a few hours before then to  take advantage of this and heighten your chances of being noticed on social media. Not sure when they do? Watch for participation on social media by people who fit your demographics. When is the magic hour of lots of comments, likes and shares? That is the time to post your blog!

If you want people to read your blog through social media, take advantage of posting in the morning, at lunch and pre-bedtime so that you can increase your audience and feedback as well as get your message heard!

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