Darlene Gudrie Butts

I am a story geek and have been writing and reading them for as long as I can remember. Growing up I filled spiral-bound notebooks, little diaries with heart locks and mini keys and hundreds of lined pieces of paper pulled from school notebooks. If I wasn’t writing I was reading, falling in love with story after story that had me on the edge of my seat, let me travel to magical places or inspired me to be better, do better.

In 2009, I finally managed to string enough words together in a row that were good enough to be published. Thousands of people bought “Lessons from the Depression, Eliminating Debt the Old-fashioned Way“, so I wrote a second one called “The Promise.” darlene 1In the same year, I was honoured to be the opening story (the most important according to Jack Canfield as readers usually decide whether to purchase or not after reading the first story) in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s “Finding My Faith.” Now I am travelling the country gathering stories about the people, places, and things that inspire me here in Canada! You can find out more about this project and submit your story on the 150 Canadian Stories website!

I also write a blog on darlenebutts.com  that was nominated for best Canadian inspirational blog.

In the end, I am a story-teller.

Along the way, I realized I had the ability to help others tell their stories. Some are in the form of memoirs and some in great marketing copy. It is as fun for me to watch others reach their writing goals as it is to reach mine.

My life consists of coaching, writing, traveling and hanging with my family. I am a major sports enthusiast so the” hanging” part often involves watching hockey, football or soccer, depending on the season.

To learn more about me as a story-teller, my books or to purchase, click here

Here is a small video that covers how you can use story to grow your business:


If you want to know more about the coaching part, please check out the coaching page or fill this out for your free, 30-minute consultation.

Happy Writing!!!




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