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Have you wanted to write a book “someday” but that day never comes?

Years pass and the folder gets filled with ideas, but that’s as far as it gets?

Who can blame you?

As a super busy entrepreneur, spouse, parent, and friend with a house to clean and mouths to feed, dentist appointments to get to, ballet lessons, hockey practices, judo tournaments, family events, holidays, volunteer work…


Who has time to write a book?!


And I will show you how.

 I was running a business, married, with three kids on different travel sports teams while writing my first book. I can show you how you can too, without sacrificing anything important in your life.

I promise you, I did not miss one single basketball game or hockey tournament!

Three books later and a best-selling author, I can help you realize your dream to write a book.

97% of books sell less than 1000 copies. I beat the odds and became one of the 3% AND became a best-selling author. I created the Be An Author Today! program to show you how can do it, too!darlene 1

This jam-packed, half-day session will give you everything you need to know to write a book, publish a book, and sell your books.

You will leave with a comprehensive book writing plan that includes:

*an outline of YOUR content and Message

* a committed schedule

*techniques to blow through writer’s block

*information on publishing options

*zero- and low-cost marketing strategies so you can be a best-selling author too!

Eventbrite - Be an Author Today

This half-day seminar has 3 modules:


How to write a book, including:

…finding your voice and your message

…turning your stories and/or expertise into a book

…mapping out the time to write without feeling overwhelmed or sacrificing your life

…overcoming your blocks

…proven techniques to speed up the writing process

…so that you can write a book in as little as 90 days!


How to publish your book, including:

…the pros and cons of traditional vs. self publishing

…the pros and cons of e-books vs. printed books

…comprehensive resources for each


How to build your platform and promote your book, including:

…basic book marketing principles

…using social media to build your tribe

…using partnerships to boost sales

Eventbrite - Be an Author Today



Eventbrite - Be an Author Today

This seminar is for you if…

  • You have a message to share, one that has the power to help, encourage, and inspire so many people and you have been dreaming of being a published author
  • You are overwhelmed with the process or you are afraid that after pouring your heart and soul into it, no one will want to read it
  • You want that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when you hold the first copy of your book in your hands and see your name as the author, or hop on Amazon and see YOUR book…
  • You want to get emails from readers that touch your heart and light your soul when they tell you how your book changed their lives
  • You want doors to open to life-changing, powerful new opportunities, partnerships and speaking gigs available to published authors

What is realizing your dream to write a book worth to you?

Eventbrite - Be an Author Today

This sounds great Darlene, but I’m still not sure I can afford it.


Because when you consider the value of a dream, THE dream to finally write a book and become a published author… how can you afford not to?

Add the additional income you can make selling your book, the value of becoming a known expert in your field, and all the NEW opportunities to speak to larger audiences and partner with others… this is a small investment that offers a tremendous return!

And, most important of all…



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